(Comfort, Support and Care)

Founder and CEO - Alimamy Kamara
Co-Founder and Director - Margaret Kamara

Our Mission Statement

Comfort Support and Care (CSAC) is a Christian Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization dedicated to the education of young people as well as adults at all ability levels living in Sierra Leone. CSAC's learning institiutions also function as food and supply centers for the needy.

Comfort, Support and Care Since 2003
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Founded in 2003, CSAC was established to explore new forms of creative and participatory educational programs in Makeni, Northern Province and other cities in Sierra Leone. CSAC targets disadvantaged young people, children with special needs, and adults who are returning to education. Students at all ability levels are welcome to study at CSAC's schools.

CSAC learning institutions also function as food and supply centers for the needy. The schools are designed with the necessary facilities to serve as resource centers for the teaching of both the academic and vocational subjects. Religious instruction and Bible studies are also offered to students who so desire. 

CSAC's long term goals are to build and maintain academic and vocational institutions throughout the various provinces of Sierra Leone. The institutional programs will place strong emphasis on supporting, rehabilitating and educating students will special needs. At the same time, the institutions will follow a mainstream approach to education by having students will special needs learn side by side with students without special needs.

In addition to the day school programs mentioned above, CSAC's learning institutions will provide clubs and afterschool programs for both day school students and members of the community.